Bottom line, you get out of it what you put into it. If you show up having done no prep work, it will show in your images. So please, have your nails done, fingers AND toes. Pay attention to the soles of your feet too, just in case. Wear a non whitening deoderant, moisturize your face, have freshly washed and dried hair. Spray a little perfume if it makes you feel good.

The morning of your session, try not to wear socks, or any tight fitting underwear, so we don’t have the nasty lines they leave behind. I have a robe you are welcome to use, or you can bring your own.

You should bring along some new pieces of lingerie, something he hasn’t seen yet, to make it more interesting. Some sexy stilettos or strappy shoes is a must! A belt, blouse, scarves, hat, jeans, jewelry, tall boots, garter & stocking set. Lacy panties and bra set. How bout a simple tank top and boy shorts, very simple yet sexy. Have a corset? Bring it too! If you are a bride to be, bring along your veil and shoes, and all the “undies” you’ll be wearing under your dress. Bodysuits are really all the rage right now too, and hide many things we tend to hate about our bodies.

Let’s talk about the guy stuff : is he into guitars? sports? what’s his favorite team? If you’re doing this for him, make sure to incorporate a little of HIS stuff wrapped around YOUR stuff! :) Victoria’s Secret now carries women’s NFL jerseys if you want something a little more form fitting and sexy.

I use Spotify in the studio and have a boudoir playlist that I am constantly adding to, so if you have a favorite list yourself, share it with me and I'll add it to my list for your session.

Your best bet, just pack a bag full of stuff! I’ll go through it with you, and we’ll decide what or what not to use.

Wanna go shopping before your camera debut? Check out the store links I have provided below. Some great prices, and some amazingly adorable stuff! But make sure you order well before your session!

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